NanoVite’s Story is Jessica’s Story

NanoVite Life is a product that was developed with the aid of one of the world’s leading authorities on liposomes and the chemical interactions between nutrient compounds and the human body. The science behind NanoVite Life is as irrefutable as it is extraordinary.

But the journey from concept to market is the same for NanoVite as it has been for countless life-changing products – necessity is the mother of all inventions. That necessity was our co-founder, Jessica Armstrong’s, need to find relief from serious side-effects brought on by the acne treatment drug Accutane – a product developed by Roche Pharmaceuticals, approved by the FDA and the bane of many a young person’s existence.

Jess, my daughter, had what millions of us suffer from – terrible acne.  As with any teenage girl beginning to blossom, her physical appearance was important to her, and the fiery red acne that covered her face was getting in the way. We visited a local GP who recommended a 6-month course of Accutane, and that decision is one of those that we believe God uses as His instrument to help many others.

After stopping Accutane, Jessica developed terrible symptoms such as alopecia (hair loss), chronic ovarian cysts, rapid weight gain, depression, joint pains, skin irritation, dry and peeling skin, macular degeneration, low energy, IBS and others …. the list is long. It is no surprise that depression is on the severe symptoms list.

Driven by a strong desire to end her suffering, Jess scoured the internet, Accutane sufferer’s chat rooms, medical chat rooms, library resources, countless PubMed articles, anywhere she could find something to fix her. She came across more snake oil salesman that she thought could exist, who peddled lotions, elixirs, pills, powders, potions, vitamins and wonder supplements that promised the earth and delivered nothing.

Jess became quite the expert on chemical interactions during her years of research and trial and error. She understood that our modern lifestyle choices and the environment in which we live are overtaxing our body’s ability to rid itself of harmful toxins, and that modern ‘treatments’ such as vitamins and wonder supplements were all but ineffective because the body couldn’t absorb enough of them to do the work they were designed to do.

I recall Jessica’s journey of frustration and disappointment, and I also recall when that journey came to an end. She called me and told me that she had the answer to delivering the molecules her body needed to detoxify itself and remove the elements that were still causing her pain and suffering. That answer was, and is, liposomes.

Liposomes, especially those made from liquid sunflower lecithin, are essential phospholipids, basically tiny spheres of phosphatidylcholine, a major component of cell membranes. They are “good fats”, and when delivered orally they, along with their water-based nutrient contents, pass unharmed through the digestive system, and are delivered to the bloodstream.

This was how Jess proposed we deliver the molecules we knew would help here, like glutathione, astaxanthin, n-acetyl cysteine, vitamin C, vitamin A, ginger extract and aloe vera extract, along with the phosphatidylcholines themselves – the nano-sized spheres that carry them.

The last step was to finalize a formulation that was optimized for maximum physical benefit by looking at all the chemical interactions with the proposed ingredient compounds, and find a manufacturer that would give us the best liposomes in the world. We wanted only the finest, purest, and most bioacceptable liposomes, and we did just that. As an example, the water used in the production of NanoVite Life is far purer than the water used in the production of medicines.  The rest of the ingredients in NanoVite Life are the best available in the marketplace today, bar none. They are all non-GMO, organic, vegan and the highest purity. We were determined that nothing that went into Jessica’s body was going to do her harm, only provide nutrients and healing.

And so NanoVite Life was formed and born. Since we developed and used NanoVite Life, Jessica’s life has been turned around. She has lost a tremendous amount of weight, well over 50lbs (though she will tell you that she is by no means finished yet), her skin is looking great, her aches and pains and ovarian cysts are gone, and all her remaining symptoms have vanished save one. She still has the residual alopecia, though we will review that in time, and are currently working on a formulation that shows promise in that department.

NanoVite Life has helped others suffering similar issues to Jess, such as Dan Narangi, a man who for 17 years suffered debilitating MS. You’ll find Dan’s story on this site, it’s truly inspiring. We cannot make claims that NanoVite cures or treats anything. You will need to read, listen and see the testimonials of others and make up your own mind, but what we can say is that we believe NanoVite Life is a gift from God.

Thank you for taking the time to read Jessie’s story and the story of NanoVite Life, and may God bless you.